Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby updates

Lily and Gabi are doing well. They're still on the cpap, but they're starting to wean them off gradually. This means, they were at a pressure of 6, but have been moved down to a pressure of 5. If they continue to do well at that pressure they'll either move them down to a 4 or possibly skip that and go straight to the nasal cannula. Once they're on the cannula I can hold them and start trying to breastfeed. I can't wait!

I'm off to pump for them again and then off to visit. They're in the special nursery which is actually quite far from my point of view, but I'm planning to have Tom wheel me there so that I can use up my energy standing by the bassinets talking to them.

I tell you, once we're finally allowed to pick them up, I doubt we'll ever set them down. Just like Nicky. He was held 24/7 for quite a while!

As for me, well I'm still hurting badly. Stupid contractions. I'm no longer on the pitocin, and I've actually been disconnected from everything today (catheter, IV, leg cuffs) but the contractions continue and they HURT! This time is much more painful than it was with Nicky, so I'm guessing it's because it was twins and everything was just stretched out of place more this time. I am moving better though, and that's important! I have to be able to get over there to see my babies!

Nicky is doing great. He's very quiet in the NICU and likes to go visit the girls. This afternoon he went there and the nurses (who he has completely won over) gave him his own "big brother" bracelet to wear. Since Mom and Dad had bracelets it only seemed fair. We'll see how the adjustment goes once they're home, but for now he's doing great!