Thursday, May 20, 2010

We have a new date!

The ultrasound went great today. No measurements of course, but both babies were big, breathing and moving around. They're both head down and feet up, not that this matters much for a c-section, but it explains why I can't breathe worth a crap right now! The placenta even looks good still. They are starting to really run out of room though now, and so that's why we're not feeling a lot of movement this week.

At the OB appointment my OB came in and said "when do you want to do this?" I laughed and told him my bags were in the car. Which, they were. I was going to be prepared for anything! Well we discussed it and he is thrilled we've made it to this point and wants to go ahead and get them out now while things are good. There is the risk that they might need some breathing support possibly, but really it's only one week early, so they might be just fine too.

So our new date is...TOMORROW!

Yep, we go in at 6am tomorrow and the c-section is at 8am. We're all set to go! I'm not getting any morphine this time as it makes my nose itch horribly. And so I'm getting Toradol and On-Q instead. I am GBS+ so I'll also be getting antibiotics via IV along with saline and some glucose.

I can't eat or drink after midnight tonight and I am taking my last insulin shot (theoretically) tonight too.

I think that's all the orders I have. The OB wasn't sure if there is wi-fi in the hospital rooms or not, so we'll see. I will have my laptop though, so if possible I'll update soon after I recover from surgery.

Oh, and I'll be sure to snag one last belly pic too!

This is so exciting!


burton said...

Wow - Still can't believe it. So happy for you!