Thursday, March 06, 2008

Warning! Poop-talk ahead!

Nicky has a new hobby. It's called "Naked Naptime." And it's starting to really be a problem.

Case in point: Tonight's discovery when I went to check on him before I went to bed.

Last warning: If you don't want to read about poop, skip this post!

Remember back a LONG time ago there was this one time that Nicky managed to get his own diaper off during his nap and make a big mess and I was so happy to be at work, chuckle chuckle. Well, it's not funny anymore! I certainly got my comeuppance for laughing that time as this weekend after a nap I had a big mess to clean up while Tom bathed Nicky because it was just that messy! Not only had he removed his pants and diaper, but there was a very large, very non-infant poopie that had been well distributed by him stuffing bits of it all around his crib between the crib and the walls. So cleaning the crib, the walls, pulling the crib away from the wall to get at the actual ring of poopies that was around the baseboards. Luckily it was one of those harder, more goat-like poopies. So it pretty much looked like some giant mutant cockroach had been under his crib pooping along the baseboards, but STILL!

So here's the situation: Nicky is removing his pants and diaper during most naps and nighttimes. We go in and check him periodically to replace said pants and diaper, but we're not going in there all the time because we don't want to encourage him to think this behavior warrants a nap-interrupting visit. So far we've tried a variety of strategies, with little or no success:

1. Putting him to bed in onesies. This worked great when he was little after that long ago incident. We thought it would work again so went out and bought 4 new onesies. No dice. He figured out how to get out of them in one nap.

2. Putting him in overalls over a onesie. Ah ha! He'll never get out of this! Nope. Out in one nap. Just shrugged out of the straps easily, even though I crossed them in the front and in the back! They were these overalls by the way.

3. Putting him to bed in pull-ups. Worked for a while, but then he figured out he can just step out of them.

4. Putting his diaper on backwards. Now this really showed promise for a while, and it's still the best way to keep his diaper on. But diapers aren't meant to go on this way and tend to leave little welts on his legs like the diapers are on too tight. So we don't like to do this much.

So now my next idea was duct tape, but Tom didn't think much of that idea. I wasn't suggesting we put it on his skin or anything, you know, just around the diaper, or the onesie, around the waist and through the legs and maybe over the shoulders for good measure. Kind of like this.

But short of duct tape, which face it, there's probably lead and Bisphenol A in that stuff or something, what do you suggest as alternatives? I mean, aside from potty training, because although we're encouraging sitting on the potty already, nothing has happened yet and we're not really holding out hope that it will in the next few weeks. And we'd really like to have less of the "Naked Naptime" while we wait.


Anonymous said...

Oh! my! Let me see now?
I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree after all! :)!
Now let me see if I can remember some of my solutions to this type of problem-- mmmm--mmm-How about putting him in an extremely comfortable t-shirt,overly large so he is comfy and has plenty of material to play with and give him a bigger,yet lighter and very comfy blanket to also deal with and maybe he will wake up less and
have his diaper less on his mind. A two year old is more sensitive to tighter more restrictive clothing like that long-sleeved pajama shirt Nicky had on (or half on) Or--you could start potty training
at this time, sounds like he may be more ready than you first thought. Angie, you could call your first doctor in Nashville and
have him have a talk with Nicky--I tell you it worked for you and you were only 23 mos. old at that time.
You understood exactly what you should do from then on and your son, Nicky is a bright little fellow who understands much more than you think he does.
Don't know if any of this will help you but I had fun remembering.
Just remember to relax and know this trying time will soon pass so you all can then
"Nicky journey" on to new challenges and joys. Thanks for the new videos--he is so adorable, can't wait to see you all!
Love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)