Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poop Poop Here, Snip Snip There..

We've hit a milestone. The first potty use! Skip this post if you're not interested in hearing all about it. Because you know I'm going to go into major detail here...

So last night Tom was at church (this week is the last week before confirmation so he has a lot of church stuff to do this week) and Nicky and I were enjoying some dinner. (He did like his cupcakes by the way, but mostly ate the candy bits on them.) But he was fidgety and not interested in sitting and eating. He was running around the kitchen, stopping to grab a bite and then running around more. Finally I realized he needed to go poop and that's why he was running around like that.

So I asked him if he wanted to go poopoo on the potty and have an M&M. He said "M&M?" And I said I'd let him sit on the big potty. He said "OKAY!"

We went in the bathroom and took off his diaper and shorts and set him on the potty. Mostly he wanted to stand on it, watch the water flush down and try to stick his foot in the potty. So I put him down on his own potty. But then he kept running off into the living room. Well, there's carpet in there and he's running around loaded, so I locked us both in the bathroom. (He can't open the door when it's locked yet.)

I had Mr. Potatohead and some of his parts with me, and tried to keep Nicky sitting onthe potty and engaged with playing Mr. Potatohead. But he kept hopping up, pushing the potty around, picking up the scale, etc. I moved his potty over so that he could face the edge of the tub like a desk and play with Mr. Potatohead there, but after a second Mr. Potatohead fell in the tub and Nicky crawled in after him.

Now Nicky is always running off to hide when he makes a poop, so when he then closed the shower curtain and said bye bye I thought he might just want some privacy. So I put his potty seat IN the tub (on the non-slip mat) and closed the curtain. I told him he could make his poopoo on the potty and I would sit out here and read my book.

He was quietly playing in there when I heard him push. I peeked around the curtain to ask how it was going and he was trying to sit down and stand and poop all at the same time. I helped him sit down and the last bit fell in the potty!

I praised him for getting some poopoo in the potty, but he was looking down at the mat and saying "Uh Oh! I sorry!" over and over. He was upset because some poop had missed. But I just said, "that's ok! Look!" and used some toilet paper to pick up the poop and put it in the potty. I talked about how Elmo (in the Potty Time video we have) said that accidents happen and it's ok, but the awesome thing was that he got some poopoo in the potty!

I made a big deal out of it, and he was feeling very proud. He wanted me to take a picture so I did, but I won't show you that here! (Aren't you glad!) We talked about how great it was while I cleaned up and then gave him his bath and got him ready for bed. I told him that when Daddy came home he would come in to kiss him and then he could tell Daddy that he pooped in the potty.

When Tom came home Nicky was still awake. So I went and got him and we went to see Daddy in the bathroom. I said "tell daddy what you did" and he pointed at his potty and said "potty!" Tom said, Did you poop in the potty?" And Nicky said "Okay!" It was so cute. Tom just gushed about how great that was and how big Nicky was and Nicky was so proud! He was so pleased with himself!

We got him off to bed and then of course I had to tell Tom the whole long story.

So now, we've had some potty success. We're still not full-out potty training in earnest yet, but we'll practice more this weekend. And every poop in the potty is one that we don't have to worry about being on the walls and in the crib. :)

Speaking of which we haven't had another accident since the one time I put him down for a nap without his sleeper last Saturday. Yeah, that was a mistake. I was even IN the room napping with him when I woke to maniacal laughter and poop in the crib. Sigh. So now he's put in his sleeper EVERY single time he goes to sleep.


Tonight I attempted to give Nicky a haircut. It was miserable. The experience I mean. The haircut might actually be pretty good. I think it's an improvement anyway. He looks a little less like one of the Beatles anyway. He was crying and pushing away the comb and scissors, I was getting frustrated and telling him to stop and put his hands down. It was definitely not my best Mommy Moment.

I hung in there until I at least got his bangs and most of it around his ears. Then I said "I feel FRUSTRATED!" and he just looked at me miserably and nodded. Then I asked if he wanted a bath and he nodded yes. Probably would have agreed to anything that didn't involve me and scissors at that point.

We had a bath and he went to bed with no problem. I think he was just exhausted. I on the other hand went to get the biggest glass of wine I could get and sat down to relax. I'm feeling much better now.

I'll try to get some before and after shots ready for you soon.


Anonymous said...

Listening to Nicky sing made my whole day! Thank you for documenting his adorability and sharing it with us! Can't wait to see and hear him live.
Aunt Liz

Angela said...

So glad you enjoyed it! I love watching his movies, but I never know what folks will think is boring.

I have tons of him just playing or eating and I try to pick out the best of the best to upload. Isn’t he just so fun?

His newest is trying to sing Happy Birthday which is more like Ha=pee Day Day more to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. LOL

He’s pretty good with the ABC’s though too. And his counting is getting pretty good. He definitely knows 1-2-3 and then sometimes 4 is next, sometimes he skips to 5, and he can sort of get up through about 9. He’s such a smartie!

I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow! I’ve taken tomorrow off so I can try to get ready in advance a bit. Luckily the house is in pretty good shape from Dad’s visit last weekend. Pretty much just the den is a wreck. Not sure what to do about that though. I can only work so many miracles you know. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Mom!!! and 'of course' Awesome! Daughter!!! Way to go! Nicky!!!
Can't wait to see you all tomorrow!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooMom/Grandmomma :)

Jann said...

Congratulations on the poopoo in the potty! We attempted to start potty training Emmy this weekend but she is so not ready! She would rather wear her potty on her head. LOL

Anonymous said...

Back, safe and sound! Thanks for a wonderful Easter Weekend!!!
Love you all bunches and bunches and bunches!!!
xxxooomom/grandmomma :)