Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You will not believe this

This is what I was told when Tom picked me up this evening from work. (Nicky was home with his Aunt Jessie.)

So we had Nicky in his new "escape-proof" outfit for his nap this afternoon. It was the same one he wore last night. Buttons down the front and with the snap crotch sewn shut.

He was quiet in his room, supposedly napping. And then talking to himself in his crib.

Tom went in to pick him up and found that Nicky had again managed to get his diaper off and spread around, dance in, and otherwise celebrate the Tao of Poo.

He had ripped out the stitches I used to sew the snap crotch together! My kid is freaking HOUDINI!

Tom scrubbed the heck out of Nicky before coming to pick me up. And then Tom and I spent a good 45 minutes scrubbing the walls, the crib, the mattress, etc.

Tonight I put him in one of the footie pajamas that zips from neck to ankle. I hope this stays on tonight. If not then I'll have to try putting it on backwards.

We will not be defeated!

(Can you sense the TIRED?)