Monday, March 10, 2008

On to the next idea

So remember what I said about duct tape fixing everything? And I even had a cute video of Nicky in his "black belt?"

Well, just forget all that.

The very next morning...diaper off and poop-akimbo! So we thought maybe we just didn't wrap it far enough around.

Nap time I made sure to wrap it nearly all the way around. 30 minutes later...more poop! And the diaper off!

Ok, fine. Now we wrapped the tape around and made sure it was wrapped around and overlapped in the back. FIVE minutes later I'm listening at the door and hear "riiiippp!" I burst through the door and very sternly said "NO! You do NOT take off your diaper!" Then I re-taped it and put a second piece around the opposite way right on top of the first.

He quietly worked on that for a while, but then he started crying in frustration which told me that this double layer was keeping the diaper on, but I couldn't keep taping him in like this!

We're going to have to start seriously working on the potty training. So Sunday I bought training pants. They're kind of like pull-ups, but they don't look like they'd hold a whole lot of poop. It'll mean we'll really have to try to get him on the potty.

Then today we went to two consignment places and found four one-piece PJs that might work. Two are footie PJs in size 2T that I've cut the feet and wrists off of. They're pretty tight, so i might even cut the arms off of one of them.

Then there were two others that are one piece PJs. One has a row of buttons down the front and a snap crotch. But I sewed the crotch shut and I kind of think the buttons might frustrate his efforts. The other has snaps down the back and a snap crotch, but I sewed the crotch closed so it should work well. Those two look like they'll fit a little better.

Luckily his room is always the coldest room in the house. So he shouldn't be too hot for a while. I'll probably have to figure out something else by summer if he's not potty trained soon.

Let's hope these four PJ sets work!