Saturday, March 08, 2008

Duct Tape Really WILL Fix Anything

Who knew? Finally Tom and I ran out of ideas and patience and we pulled out the Gorilla Tape. Tom took a 1 inch wide and about 10 inch long piece of tape and put it over the tabs of the diaper and wrapped it back along the sides of the diaper. It doesn't go all the way around because we think that would be too constricting, but through trial and error we found that as long as it's more to the back so that he can't easily reach the ends it keeps the diaper on. We did have one time he got the tape and the diaper off when the tape wasn't long enough. But that was only once. I think we have a temporary solution until we pull off the potty training. We're thinking of trying intently this summer.

So we'll call this his "black belt." In this video you can see us taking off and putting on his black belt right before bedtime. And then daddy gets him good and riled up before night-night, which I'm pretty sure is a daddy's job.


Jann said...

Oh my goodness, that video is cute!! Love Tom riling him up! So cute to see the interaction between them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all so much for a wonderful
Nicky film fest!
I love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxooo:) Guess who! :p