Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boogers Boogers Everywhere...

Just a short post to say...
Nicky is boogery and coughing, Tom getting there, and I'm feeling run down and trying to sleep a lot. OJ and fruit, tea and tomato soup are all on the menu while we try to cast out the germ-demons around here. Hopefully this will be a short duration thing, unlike the last one where Tom was down for a week and then I was down for 2.5 weeks. Although at least that time Nicky didn't get it. I hate it when he's sick! We haven't resorted to medicine for him yet, but if needed we do have Children's Triaminic and Dimeatapp, and I'm NOT afraid to use it.


Anonymous said...

My fault. I'm so sorry. I really thought it was allergies since I have been miserable since the oak trees sarted doing their pollen thing. I wouldn't have come up it I had any idea that I was contagious. I feel like Typhoid Mary. Please forgive me.

Anonymous said...

Angie, you and Tom keep a positive attitude and everybody wash their hands alot and you will be fine---most important for you, Angie cut out all wheat products for awhile, ok--please...push lots of fluids and let the baby have a bit of honey and lemon in very weak green tea. Real yogurt for all of you would be good too. Nicky is such a healthy little fellow he should be just fine.
Love you all--hope you feel better quickly!!! :)
xxxooomom/grandmomma :)

Angela said...

We forgive you Nana!

Nicky is starting to get better. Not so many crusties around today. Yesterday evening I used some saline and irrigated his nose with the bulb syringe a bit. He actually didn't protest much. I think he knew it would help.

I still feel like I'm a little run down, but I think sleeping 12 hours straight on Wednesday night really helped! I feel like if I just get enough rest I'll make it through without getting the whole coughing thing. And that would be great!

Thanks for all the good advice mom. I'll take it all into consideration. ;) I know you love me and I love you too.