Friday, March 28, 2008

Round and Round

Nicky's final birthday present arrived in the mail today. A good old-fashioned, no batteries required Sit N Spin from Aunt Maryellen and Uncle Scot! I'm so glad they found one that doesn't sing, talk, flash, or otherwise require batteries. With a few minutes of seeing it, Nicky figured out how it basically worked. He then took it and put it upside down to figure out the spinning mechanism. And within I'd say 3-5 minutes he was carrying it around the house to whatever room we were in to practice. I grabbed the camera in my room and shot this video, probably 5-8 minutes after he'd first seen it.

In keeping with the "Circular" theme of this post, I'm finally sitting down to figure out how to use the double pointed knitting needles I bought. I got a killer deal on 14 sets of DPNs in sizes ranging from 1-15 and I've been waiting for my chance to figure them out. I'm trying out this pattern with my Patons Grace sky blue yarn. (Of which I could have sworn I had a few balls, but can only find one!) So far I've gotten as far as casting on, but I haven't figured out how to actually join the round and start knitting. I needed a stitch marker, and of course instead of just using any old thing I had to break out my beads and make two of my own. These are my first stitch markers ever, and they'll only work on small needles, but I thought I'd try them out.

So let's recap:
Ultra-cute stitchmarker...Check
Knowledge of how to use these tools...Yeah, still looking on the internet for instructions.

But I have all weekend to figure it out.

[Update: Ok, I frogged my first attempt and now I'm trying this pattern with the same yarn and needles. Maybe it'll go better.]


Angela said...

Ok, I thought I had it for a second. I put on my stitch marker and started to join and went around and "plop!" My stitch marker slid right off and fell in my lap! Is this what's supposed to happen? I may need more than one weekend to figure these out.

becky said...

he is wayyy too cute! Kids now-a-days... too funny