Monday, November 28, 2005

What the heck?

So this morning, right before I'm going to eat breakfast (Tom was in the process of fixing me a turkey sandwich), I am in the bathroom getting ready when I cough (which I do a lot these days) and then my mouth starts watering like CRAZY! And then, well you probably know what happens next... I totally puke! What the heck? This is only the second round of actual puking during this pregnancy, for which I am grateful, but at 5.5 months? Weird.

It hasn't repeated during the rest of the day, so hopefully it was just some weird anomally. Oh, and the turkey sandwich went down great! I love leftovers!

Speaking of leftovers, we finally finished the rest of the turkey and green bean casserole today. The pooches have been feasting on the turkey stock Tom made (leftover from when he made his gravy) and we pitched in the last of the stuffing bits this morning. Now we're down to mashed potatoes and gravy, and probably only 2-3 servings of that! Wow! Thanksgiving lasted 5 days this year! I wonder how many days we'll get out of Christmas? ;)

I heard from the pulmonologist's office today. They want a chest x-ray before I see them, and they don't think they'll be able to get me in until end of December or January. Um, huh? I'm sick now and having asthma and bronchitis issues now. Sheesh! And a chest x-ray when pg? Not sure how that will go down. They're calling my OB's office for more info so we'll see what happens. I don't think I better hold my breath on that one.