Monday, November 21, 2005

A little research goes a long way

Well, within about 3 hours of that last post my bronchitis stuff was back full force. There were a few people at the Habitat for Humanity worksite (not students, but people with HFH) who were smoking and I was exposed again. I guess that's all it takes for me, especially since I was just starting to recover. Have I already expressed my, um, FRUSTRATION with smokers yet? I suppose so. For a refresher feel free to go back a few posts to my major rant.

Since I was in bed anyway, I had the laptop here on the ironing board by the bed and I spent the rest of the weekend researching secondhand smoke to see if I'm the only person affected by it so badly. Turns out I'm not!

So here for your reading pleasure I'm including links all about sidestream smoke and stuff. Hopefully you'll take a look and not be too upset or weirded out by how militant I'm going to be about keeping the baby (and myself) away from smoke. I hope I won't be obnoxious about it, but I will be militant about it.

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