Saturday, November 19, 2005

Volunteer work is hard!

Well I just got back a bit ago from taking my students out to do their service project. And about all I have to say is "OUCH!"

We did about 4 hours of hard labor for Habitat for Humanity. Most of it was moving and leveling topsoil, laying sod, carting off trash and moving boards and metal stuff around. It was cold in the morning, and never really got too hot, but we sure warmed right up doing all that work! So now I can barely move, my back is killing me and unfortunately I got way too dehydrated out there. I'm drinking now and had a lovely hot shower. Oh, and some tylenol. So far I've only found one tick on me, and it hadn't bitten me yet, but as soon as Tom gets home I'm making him check me over really good! I hate ticks!!

Tom's off selling all our DVD movies. It's painful, we had a lot of great movies and we really watched them, but we need the money right now. Paying for Abbey's surgery, all the doctor visits and medications Tom and I are on, gas, and making the downpayment on the house has really tapped us lately. Now we have to find a way to pay our monster phone bill, cell bill and electric bill. Luckily we've already taken care of the car and the car insurance so at least we don't have to worry about that. Fun stuff.

On to the good stuff!

On Tuesday night Tom felt Nicky kick! It was so wonderful for him to feel those little movements. They weren't really hard ones, but enough to let Tom know he was there. I've been feeling him a lot more also since Tuesday. I seem to feel him best when he's feet down and kicking my bladder and stuff down there. Pretty entertaining! He does it a lot when I'm in the car wearing my seatbelt. I don't think he likes the seatbelt much. (So of course I'll wear it all the time! I love those kicks!)

I'm getting much better and was able to work two half days and two full days last week. Tom is about 3-4 days behind me, so hopefully he'll be well enough to do school and work the three days we have next week. Turkey day is just around the corner and we've got to be well for that!!