Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I had my OB appointment yesterday, on Tom's birthday actually, so you know it was going to be a good appointment!

Everything is looking really good in there. I was worried about cervix length as a lot of the women due with twins in May/June have been put on bed rest due to their cervix shortening to 3 centimeters or so, or less in some cases. I'm terrified of bed rest as I'm still the sole breadwinner till Tom finishes school in May, so I was glad he was going to measure me.

Well he said, and I quote: I'm "closed up tighter than Fort Knox!" I have a good 5.5-6 centimeters of cervix with no signs of effacement at all. Average he said is 4.5-5 cm so I'm doing great! He and Tom joked that if women were like guys they'd all be checking out my cervix in the locker room and they'd be so jealous. You have to love an OB who can make jokes like that!

After the measurement we got to have another peek at the girls. Saw both heartbeats and some kicky legs. And then:

Here are the girls, chatting away in there. They were face to face, heads right up under my ribs, basically standing up in there.


And here they are, still heads together, and now you can see their hands reaching for each other. An in-utero game of patty-cake perhaps?


Cute right?

The only bit of not so great news was that my iron levels are actually lower than before I started the iron pills. Darn it! If they drop any more we'll be discussing an iron transfusion. Not much fun. I have some new ideas on getting more iron. Someone suggested having iron along with vitamin C to help it absorb better. So I'll get some OJ (without calcium, since calcium inhibits absorption) and take the iron with that. And them maybe have some spinach salads with mandarin oranges. Oh, and more steak! Lots more steak!

I could get used to eating like that I think.