Sunday, March 07, 2010

25 weeks


We've made it to 25 weeks! The babies are doing great, although I'm just about completely devoid of energy. I'm hoping if we can get the anemia under control I'll start feeling better.

The OB sent me for blood-work Friday to see if I needed a transfusion. I'm out of breath, even sitting still, and my lips are back to being just about the same color as my skin. My hemoglobin came back at 10.2 which is definitely anemic (normal for women is 12-15). But it wasn't so low they wanted to do a transfusion before the weekend. Instead they're referring me to a hematologist to see what they suggest and to get me established with one just in case we need their help during delivery. I should be getting a call from them early this week.

JM came over yesterday and took Nicky and I out to the park and to the fabric store to pick up the fabric for the valance. The cribskirt and shade fabrics aren't in yet, but will be soon I hope. I was able to show JM the toile and other fabrics though and she agrees they're going to look great. She also loves the paint in the babies' room. I agree, I think the pink actually looks great in that room. Especially in the light of day! I can't wait for my mom and Donna to see it.

Which they will soon! Nicky's birthday is coming up quick! It's in the middle of the week this year, so we're doing things a little differently.

This year Jessie will come up on Sunday and stay with us. Then around Tuesday or so my mom and Liz will come up to stay. They'll be able to see Jessie and be there for Nicky's actual birthday. We'll send Nicky to school Wednesday with cupcakes and then we'll have a birthday dinner and cake that evening with Jessie, Liz and Grammie, and maybe JM and Charles if they can come over. Liz and my mom will leave by Friday morning and then Donna will come up to stay. She'll be here for Nicky's big birthday party on Saturday.

Saturday my Dad and Gwen will come down too. And we'll have Nicky's big party at the park. I'm inviting some people with kids around Nicky's age from my work and Gayle and Colin from Tampa. Hopefully some of them can come and we'll have a low key birthday party at the park with a picnic and cake. This will be Nicky's first party with kids, and I just don't have the energy to do it up too big. But they're kids, and I'm sure they'll have a ball.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I can comment now! I love love love the color of the walls. I can't wait to see the room all put together! I was at the Dr this morning to get a uterine biopsy-it really hurt!-I was looking at a poster on the wall that showed all the stages of fetal development in the womb. It made me remember your invisible woman model. You were so fascinated by that toy model with it's clear plastic skin and little internal organs, especially the interchangeable womb with the fetus and snap on prego belly, remember? Me...well not so fascinated. Hang in there, I know you are really worn out. You're in my prayers daily Angie. Focus on the important stuff, your health & family, and try not to stress about anything else. Love you so much! You are an Amazing Woman, don't forget that!

Dad said...

Angie baby,
Don't let the doctor determine when you get this anemia thing treated. Be aggressive and pursue the issue for your babies sake. Being winded even while just sitting is serious stuff. If you are too tired to go toe to toe with them on the issue turn Tom loose on them. Or turn me loose on them. I would surely get in their face in a hurry.

Love to you and yours. Can't wait to see you at the party!