Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting things ready

Tom said I need to show another comparison between me now at 28 weeks compared to me pregnant with Nicky at the end. So here it is:

belly pics with Nicky in 2006

belly pics with twins in 2010

Probably hard to see with the size difference of the photos, but I'm definitely much much bigger than I ever was with Nicky!

I also am actually getting really uncomfortable now. Breathing is hard, moving is hard, getting up and down, and OMG, rolling over is HARD! And yet when I see I have less than 10 weeks to go, assuming they wait that long, I am freaking out that it's too soon!

We do finally have the living room back in order though. Tom did a lot of work on it today and it looks great. Books are even put away, except for the two boxes of children's books that I just couldn't part with. I think I kept way more of the kids books than I did of my own books. But they're all good ones! I swear! Not sure where we'll put those boxes for now though.

Next is getting the babies' room sorted through. There are boxes of Nicky's old toys to go through, and theoretically there should be boxes of "important" papers in there for me to go through too. And photos. Who knows what else.

Oh, and the cribs we ordered are in, as well as the mattress! Tom wants to go pick them up tomorrow too. It will feel so much better to have their room DONE and organized. Maybe by Easter? That's just next weekend. This bunny better get to hopping!


Elizabeth said...

Jodi is requesting April 29th through may 4th off so we can come up and help you while Tom is gone. Her boss said that he sees no reason why she cannot take that time off-he's so much nicer than Gayle ever was! Hang in there, rest often and DON'T over do it! Love you!

Angela said...

Awesome Liz! It will be so great to see you guys! And Nicky misses his Aunt Jodi, so he'll be especially thrilled.