Monday, March 15, 2010

Anemia update

I went to the hematologist today. I really liked the staff and doctor there! My hemoglobin was 10.3; they were able to do the blood draw and CBC all right there immediately which was pretty amazing to me.

The result is: I'm going in Wednesday morning for an iron infusion. They said I should actually feel a lot better immediately. Apparently I'm about 3 pints low on blood, but once I have the iron I'll be able to make that up. I won't even have to take the hemocyte (iron supplement) anymore.

They're also checking my B12 count, but that result won't be ready till tomorrow or Wednesday. If I need that they'll order daily shots for a week and then weekly shots for a few weeks. Tom will be able to give those to me at home, so that'll be nice. Well, not "nice" but better than having to take time off work to go to the doctor.

So Wednesday, Nicky's birthday, I'm having the infusion done. Since I'm pregnant they do it at the hospital as an outpatient procedure. (And I have no copay! Yay!) They said it takes between 6-8 hours to do though, so that's a long time! We went to pre-register today at the hospital and I totally forgot to ask if they have wifi so that I can take my laptop and do homework. I can still take it and do some, but it helps when writing advanced web applications to actually HAVE web access. I suppose I can also take my books and read. I am behind in that too.

They don't really have room for anyone but me though, so Tom will drop me off and then pick me up later. We'll take Nicky to school first though, with his birthday cupcakes! He's so excited about his birthday this year. I think this is the first year he's really gotten the concept and is looking forward to it. It's so cute.

Nana will be arriving Tuesday and then my Mom, Jessie and Liz will arrive Wednesday. We'll have Tom's Dad and JM over as well for Wednesday dinner and some kind of desert with candles too. But the big party is Saturday! Tomorrow we're taking Nicky to the party store so he can help pick out his theme for the party. We were going to do Madagascar, but the cake for that was $50 and was a 1/2 sheet cake! Way too big and way too expensive. And then today we stopped by the party store after the hospital without Nicky and found that they had nothing for Madagascar anyway. So hopefully he'll see something else he likes there tomorrow.

Ok, I've put off working on my homework long enough. Wondering what I'm doing in my Advanced Web Applications class? Check it out here. Assignments 1-3 are there on the left. I'm working on the fourth assignment now. It's all flash programming and it's really hard! But I'm doing pretty well I think. It just takes a lot of time and brain power. Not things I have a lot of lately.


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