Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another long update

The cribs have been ordered! We're getting two cherry cribs for the nursery. They probably won't be in them immediately, but we want to be ready, and having the cribs will help me arrange the room the way it will work best.

We are still deciding on what we want to do for the bed in the nursery though. We have several options to consider. The one I'm liking best right now is a twin mattress set with just a metal frame. Then making a toile covered headboard for it. I think that would be easy enough that I could even do it. And then we'd have a toile headboard and the toile tuffet Donna's making. I think that would look really nice. Surely I can find a twin mattress set cheap. I mean, this is a college town!

The room itself is DONE though! That is such a weight off our shoulders. The walls look gorgeous in the cream rose color Tom picked. He even picked up a crystal heart fan pull in a light pink color that just looks beautiful. He finished caulking around the baseboards last night, and even moved the light-switch so that I can put a nice decoupaged cover over it. It was originally too close to the door frame which was awkward, but he fixed it! Such the handy man, my husband. (Oh and just to brag a little more, he did plumbing yesterday on the tub and fixed the leak that has been there forever.)

Yesterday we were able to pick up a wheelchair for me. It's not for use all the time, but just to and from work and in stores where I can't sit down or use a store scooter thingy (which I have yet to break down and do, but will have to soon I'm sure). I have the hematologist appointment coming up Monday and am so looking forward to feeling better! I hope they can do some sort of magic and give me back some energy soon. In the meantime my mom is coming next week to help out. That will be nice! We need to empty the POD before the 24th in order to avoid paying for another month, so she will be able to help me sort through that stuff. So much I'm sure can be tossed or donated. (Don't worry Dad, we're not getting rid of the table in there!)

The babies are doing fine in there. I was able to actually see a kick today which was neat. They must be getting big and strong! Tom can feel them every night now, and it won't be long before Nicky really feels them instead of just saying that he can.

Speaking of Nicky, the other day he asked me to open my mouth. I remembered always wanting to see my moms teeth and stuff as a kid, so I opened up for him. He said "Mom, your tongue is in the way." So I tried to move it, but it was still in the way. I asked him if he wanted to see my teeth or my throat. He said "I want to see the babies." What a cutie! I just had to laugh. He's done it a few more times since then, but we agree that my tongue is just in the way too much to see them.

I can't believe he's already turning four. Next week is his birthday. We're hoping to have a little dinner and cake on the day, and then we're having his real party on Saturday at a park. So far we'll have two other kids there, and a lot of grown-ups, but we're still waiting to hear from a few more people. Even with just one other kid Nicky will have fun, so I know he'll have a great time! I'm still planning to keep it really low key though. Just don't have the energy to do it up big this year. Plus this is our first party with anyone other than just family. And we've never had kids at the parties before either. Had to get our feet wet someday though. Oh, and he'll take cupcakes in on his birthday to his school too. It's on St. Patrick's day, so they just might be green ones. We'll see.

Next OB appointment is this Friday. I'll be 27 weeks so it will be time for a new belly picture too. I'll probably have to talk with the OB about my asthma. It's been really acting up since that bout of sickness in February. I will probably end up going to the pulmonologist about it, but I'm hoping that a lot of it is breathlessness from the anemia and whatever the hematologist does might help out. We'll see.

Oh, one more thing. Last Tuesday I spent a few hours in Labor & Delivery. On the way to the car after work I had a lot of pain on one side and possible contractions. I was absolutely spent by the time I got to the car. And it's really not that far! Maybe a 3-4 minute walk? Usually pain goes away once I sit for a minute, but it was still bothering me by the time we picked up Nicky. Though not as bad.

After getting Nicky we went to the drugstore. I was only in there for about 4 minutes when it hit again and I had to have Nicky stay with Tom to finish checking out while I went to the car to rest. They were probably in there for a good 5 minutes or more and I was still hurting when they came out. I was also all hot and clammy feeling. Just not feeling quite right. So I called the OB on call. They said they like to err on the side of having twin moms come in to get checked, but I could wait to see if it happened again. If I had any other tightening or pain at all though I should come in.

When I got home I went straight to bed to lie down and drink water. I stayed for quite a while, but as soon as I got up it started again. So we called JM and she rushed over to watch Nicky while we went to the hospital. They monitored me (lying down, so not sure how helpful that was) for a good hour or so, but no contractions. They did an ultrasound to check the babies and both had good heartbeats. So maybe they were really having a growth spurt that day and stretching things out.

They did recommend I get a maternity belt though to help support the weight of my belly. It's just so huge! And only going to get bigger. So we're looking into that. That's also when I decided not to wait till my next appointment to ask for a wheelchair too. It's just too important for me to have a ready place to sit when I need to.

So that was the first trip to the L&D. Hopefully we won't have to do that too much. We want these babies to stay put and grow till June!