Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh yeah, I have a blog and I'm 28 weeks pregnant with twins

Wow, 11 days since the last post and there's just so much to tell you!

First, I did have the iron infusion on 3/16. It took all day, which was kind of boring, but not too bad. It wasn't too painful, but my arm was kind of sore for a day or so. We arrived at 8:30am and Tom picked me up at 4pm. I was there longer than anyone that day. There was one woman there for chemo, and one other pg woman there for iron in the morning, but she was getting them weekly so was done after a few hours. Everyone else was there for blood. It was really neat to see that actually. As a blood donor I usually just imagine people needing it after surgeries or major trauma like car accidents or shootings. But it was wonderful to see that the blood donated makes such a difference to people in other ways. The people who came in typically were very weak and pale, but by the time they were done they were much more perky and had color in their cheeks. It was very heartwarming to see.

The nurse did say that some people feel better the next day after an iron transfusion, but that it really takes 2 weeks for the body to make a mature blood cell. I wasn't one of the lucky ones that felt better on the first day though. I think I might finally be feeling better actually now, a week later. Still really tired, but not quite as ready to drop. My lips are starting to have a little color too, so I must be getting better. I go for my next OB appointment next Wednesday, so we'll see if they test my iron there.

So that was Wednesday 3/16. By the time we got home I think my Mom and my sisters Liz and Jessica were nearly at our house. Donna was already there, she arrived on Tuesday, and so we had a full house for Nicky's actual birthday. Nicky had gotten to have cupcakes at school to share with his class, which he enjoyed immensely. Later, Tom's Dad and JM came over for dinner and we all had spaghetti and meatballs, Nicky's favorite. Tom had also picked up a cake which was the perfect size. No leftovers! You'd think I'd have a photo or two...but no. Sorry. He had a few presents to open up, because you have to have presents on the actual birthday right?

Thursday I had an OB appointment and my sister Liz was able to come with us. We were able to see the babies on the ultrasound and they both looked good. One was side to side with her head on my right. the other we think was head down, perpendicular to the other, maybe behind her. So confusing! The OB was very happy with everything except my asthma. It's really been acting up a lot since that lung, sinus, ear infection thing in February. I've been using my inhaler and nebulizer pretty much daily, sometimes multiple times. The OB started making noises about maybe bedrest/stop working at 32 weeks, which I am NOT ready for! So I went home and then called to make a pulmonology appointment the very next day. I have an appointment with the head guy, who I will also ask about sleep apnea to see if I can get an APAP machine (that will adjust my pressure as I sleep to whatever pressure I need) on Monday, 3/29.

Friday I was actually able to work a full day for a change. I swear it'll be a miracle if I have ANY leave left by the time the babies come! And Tom spent most of the afternoon running around getting everything done on my list for the Saturday party. I had lots of lists going on since I couldn't really do anything but plan.

Saturday we had beautiful weather, thank goodness! My Dad and Gwen arrived at about 10ish, Tom and Jessie went with Nicky to pick up the balloons, cake, sandwich platters and coleslaw/potato salad. My friend Gayle, her son Colin and her parents Elaine and Jerry arrived around 11am. They brought us a really nice glider (which is the most comfy seat in the house for me right now), and we were so glad they could make the trip up to see us. We hadn't seen them since last Halloween. We all loaded up my Dad's truck and Liz's car with the party supplies: drinks, chips, cooler, presents, party favors, and picnic accoutrements. Then we all took off for the park!

I remembered at the last minute that there aren't any bathrooms at this park. Oops. But there was a gas station nearby if someone had time to run to their car and drive to the corner. Luckily no one had to go.

Right as we got to the park, our friend from work came with her mom and son who is just a year and a day younger than Nicky. So we had three boys there, ages 3, 4 and 6(almost 7!) and they played together really well. They ran around like maniacs, dosed up on chips, juice boxes, and cake, and had a general great time. We actually ended up taking the presents home to open them there (where there was at least one bathroom) as our friend from work had to get her son home for a nap anyway. It took Nicky a good long time to get thru his gifts. He's still at the point where he'd rather run around with the toy in his hand than see what's in the next gift.

Nicky and Colin had a ball playing together though. It was so fun to see them play together even though they're nearly 3 years apart. All in all, I think it's safe to say that Nicky had a great party.

My Dad, Gwen, Jessica, Donna and Gayle and her family all left after the party, leaving us with a relatively empty house.

Sunday I pretty much tried to recuperate. But Tom and Liz went to town rearranging furniture, organizing the house and generally doing a ton of work! Oh, and I forgot, I think it was Friday when I came home that I found out Liz and Jessica had bought and installed a counter top on top of that cabinet that has been sitting in my kitchen for... over a year I think. I was so excited to see that! It still has to be properly attached, but just having it there makes such a huge difference in the kitchen. We have the microwave on it, and the coffee maker, and it's so nice not to have to troop through the dining room to heat something up.

All in all, Liz and my Mom stayed over through Wednesday. They really had us set up well. But then after they left, Tom had to empty the POD. The POD people actually came today to pick it up, so we had to unload it. Unfortunately that loaded the house with about four zillion books and stuff, but thanks to the work Tom and Liz did beforehand, it won't take long to go through it, get rid of what we can and then put away the rest. We've already committed to getting rid of a ton of books. That's a huge thing for us!

I guess the last thing is that Nicky seems to have gotten Fifth's Disease at some point. It's a pretty innocuous virus actually. By the time they get the slapped cheek look they're no longer contagious even. He had no signs of being sick, and actually today his cheeks are getting back to normal. I looked it up though, wondering if it was a problem for pregnant women. And yep, it can be. Hopefully I already had it as a kid though. If not it has a chance of infecting me, and a chance of infecting the babies. If they get it then there's a chance it can cause complications you DO NOT want to Google. Tom found that out the hard way. I called my OB on Wednesday after we figured out that's why Nicky's cheeks were red Tuesday. I confirmed Wednesday morning with his teacher that they have seen several kids with red cheeks. They had no idea what it was, but I'm sure it was Fifth's. So I called the OB, and they wanted me to have some titers drawn at the lab. I had to have my Glucose Tolerance Test done on Thursday morning anyway, so I did it all then. Hopefully we'll know the results of both by our OB appointment next Wednesday.

I think that about brings everyone up to date! Now if I can just get on here to do updates more than every 11 days you won't have to muddle through (or skip) such a long post! I will have to update you after our OB appointment Wednesday, and actually maybe after the pulmonologist appointment on Monday even.

Oh, and just as a reward for sticking thru till the end of this post, or for scrolling down to the bottom at least, here's the new belly pic. 28 weeks today!
And the usual disclaimer that this was after working a full day and being pretty darn tired.
28 weeks

and in comparison:
8-28 weeks


Elizabeth said...

I was reading about that fifth's disease online. It says that once a child shows the characteristic red cheeks they are not contagious anymore. So he WAS contagious the whole time we were there. You know, on Monday night my right thumb joints started hurting and now they both ache pretty badly, it says that adults who get fifth's rarely have the rash(less than 20%), but more commonly have joint pain, typically in the fingers, wrists, or knees. Both my thumb joints hurt yesterday and today, it's hard to use them. I wonder if I've got a mild case too.
Luckily you are far along in your 3rd trimester already. The things I've read about pregnancy complications are usually in the first trimester. Glad your getting the test anyway.
I'm trying to get Jodi to request a few days off around May 1st, hopefully April 29th through may 4th, so we can come up and be with you when Tom is gone. I'll let you know soon.
Love you all, and miss you already!

Angela said...

Could be Liz. Hopefully the joint pain will go away soon for you. I think what I read said it lasted longer in people with compromised immune systems.

I'm still hoping I'm one of the 50% who already had it and so can't get it again. I'm pretty much too tired to worry much now, and I know better than to google the complications it can cause in-utero.

That would be great if you guys can come up. I'm not looking forward to being by myself then. It's already getting so hard to move!

Thank you again so much for all the work you did! We're getting through the mess of books in the living room today and hopefully will have things back to looking nice and neat soon!

Pregnant Lady said...

That's amazing you have so much support. I don't have any siblings, and my mom is older and works a lot so I don't want to bother her to come out to help. My husband pretty much does everything. You're lucky!!

And about bedrest at 32 weeks. Not going on bedrest until then is amazing. I started bedrest at 24 weeks, and a good portion of twin pregnant woman do for a variety of reasons do well before 32. So really 32 ain't bad....hang in there!!

Angela said...

I'm definitely lucky! I know if I need them that my family will come running even though it is a 4-7 hour drive depending on who's coming.

And I'm starting to come to terms with the possibility of bedrest. My main fear is the money.

But beyond that, anything with the word "rest" in it is sounding pretty good.