Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Things are moving in the right direction

The septic tank people pulled up this morning with two huge trucks and an excavator (which Nicky LOVED! It looked just like Scoop from Bob the Builder.) and started working on digging up and replacing the drain field.

While we waited for our opportunity to get out of the driveway, Nicky and I watched them dig it up from his bedroom window. (How cool is it to be a 3 year old and have a real Scoop digging 15 feet from your bedroom window?) Nicky explained all about what they were doing for me. He was so cute. Anyway, Tom went out to talk with the head guy and found out that there really appeared to be NO drainfield there at all. Apparently back in the 50's they just stuck a clay pipe onto the septic tank and just fed it all into the sandy soil of Florida. Super. Well, it's really RICH soil now! And now we'll have an actual drain field that does it's job. No more worrying about the bathroom flooding anymore! Hopefully they'll be done by the time I get home today.

After Tom took Nicky and I to work and school, he headed back to the house where he met up with Greg who is going to be helping us renovate the den. We originally were going to make that a master bedroom and then make our room the babies' room. But I think we've changed our minds. It's just going to be so hard to put a good, functional closet in that room, and so instead we're going to just make it one big open room, have it be the babies' nursery and use an armoire instead. When we go to sell we think that will actually be a good thing. They'll see it shown as a bedroom with an armoire, and yet it can function as a den, a living room space, game room, etc. And this way we also don't have to move all our furniture. It puts me so much closer to having a done nursery, and that's what my main goal is at this point!

Greg and Tom measured and discussed plans, and Greg thinks they can do it in one week! I hope so! That would be fabulous. Such a burden lifted when it's over. Tom already has the POD to store stuff and has been trying to empty the den, but he's also had two separate colds over the last week and been pretty much out of commission till today. He said he should have the den empty and ready to start work on Saturday. Very exciting!

AND on top of all this, Tom also just received our delivery of furniture! He said everything looks awesome. I can't wait to see it tonight! We have a new sofa and dining set. Finally! I'll have to take photos for you all to see.

What a day! So much getting done, and moving along. Now if we can just do our taxes. That $ is going to be what gets the nursery decorated and pays the hospital for the delivery. So pretty important!