Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just some more baby pictures.

Finally figured out the new scanner and scanned the ultrasound images we received yesterday. Both babies were moving around constantly and the tech just referred to one as baby 1 and the other as baby 2, and honestly I can't recall which was which! Sometimes they were transverse (both sideways in my tummy) sometimes head to head and sometimes head to foot. Then sometimes they were perpendicular to each other. They have plenty of amniotic fluid and still obviously have space to wiggle and flip.

Here's one of them in a nice profile shot.
baby 1  22 weeks 4 days

And the other one. She's turned just slightly away from the camera so you can't see her nose.
baby 2  22 weeks 4 days

This is one of the tops of both their heads. They'd flipped around and were probably whispering secrets to each other.
both heads  22 weeks 4 days

And this is one of their spines, but I'm not even sure which one!
spine 22 weeks 4 days

I think it will be a lot easier to tell them apart when they're here in person.

As for me, I'm doing a lot of sleeping in 3 hour shifts. Still sick, but I think maybe the pressure in my face has lessened a bit. It doesn't hurt quite as much. Or maybe that's the codeine helping too. We'll see how tomorrow feels. As it is though I think I won't be making it in to work at all this week! That's so frustrating as I'm really trying to save up my leave for when the babies come. I hope I'm back to work next week at least.


Pregnant Lady said...

Cute pictures!!! I hope you feel better :)