Monday, February 15, 2010

So, So Sick (Updated)

Just to vent a minute and let you all know what's up with me. Tom and Nicky have been fighting a cold for about a week or two. (Since Nicky restarted preschool on Feb 1st, of course he brought home germs right away.) Well I thought I'd escaped unscathed till Thursday. Even then I thought oh, just a cold. No biggie. Even went to work Friday. Even DROVE MYSELF TO WORK! Tom was hopped up on his wonderful cough medicine (that of course I'm not allowed to have) and couldn't drive.

But by the time I got home Friday I was running a fever. I got an antibiotic called in from the on-call OB and have been on it since Friday night. Well it's not doing a damn thing, and I seriously don't ever remember having a cold or flu this bad ever! (Excluding that stomach flu that put us in the hospital, that is always the worst ever.) I haven't slept since last Wednesday night for a full night, and haven't gotten more than 15 minutes to one blissful 2 hour stretch of sleep since Friday. I'm running on total empty now. The OB's office actually gave me a script for cough medicine with codeine in it today which I've already taken, on top of the normal cough medicine. And I still can't stop coughing. The pressure in my ears and sinuses is just immense. My whole face hurts.

I go in for my regular OB appt and ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. So we'll see what they say then. I'm actually afraid they're going to stick me in the hospital since I can't sleep and have asthma (although thankfully breathing isn't actually hurting me anymore) and my belly button is really hurting from all the coughing. I'll have to post to let you know what happens after the appointment if I have a chance. If I don't, then I'm sure Tom will be calling around to update everyone.

Any and all prayers are welcome! If you do call, I'm probably not going to be able to talk. Talking makes me cough badly. But you can talk with Tom. Thank goodness he's finally getting well! Nicky's started running a fever last night though. His doctor's office doesn't want to see him again yet (he went in last Thursday) but if he still has it tomorrow I'll probably insist he be re-evaluated. He might need an antibiotic too. Poor baby. Thankfully also, Donna came up on Thursday night and stayed. She helped take care of Nicky and brought me tea and stuff while Tom was either recovering, or today helping Greg with the room. They bought sheetrock and a new bedroom door today and started on the sheetrock. Sorry no pics. They've actually not done work since the last pics until today. We've just been too sick.

UPDATE: So within about an hour of that post Tom called the on-call OB again about me. I could hardly catch my breath from coughing so much and I was already on the darn codeine stuff. The OB suggested we head to the ER for a chest xray.

So at 9:30 we went to the ER and left Nicky with Donna. We were triaged pretty much right away and the triage nurse was very nice. But the ER was packed. We waited until about 11:30 and then while I went to the bathroom, again, Tom asked about the wait time. There were 15 people ahead of us, and some of them had been there for 5 hours. I had to walk around a man squirming on the floor on a thin blanket who was probably in the midst of a gallbladder attack or something horribly painful. I figure if they're making him wait, we're not seeing anyone till morning anyway. I was running low on my medicines and hadn't thought to bring them all with me. Pretty soon I'd have been in even more misery than I was already in.

So we left the ER and headed home. We got home just in time for me to take more medicine. I took a steamy shower to help me breathe and even managed to doze off sitting up for about an hour. I woke coughing and dreaming of the ER. Finally could take more Tylenol. I'd never broken my prior fever, even on the 2 Tylenol I'd taken right before going to the ER. It was 100.5 when I woke and took more.

So now I'm up, killing time on the computer, eating a snack and drinking hot decaf tea. In 1.5 hours I get to take more codeine stuff.

Oh, Tom said my blood pressure was a little elevated in the ER. I wasn't paying attention and he didn't recall the exact numbers. We'll see what it says tomorrow at the OB.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping and praying that you get the rest you need soon. I will call Tom for an update tomorrow- sorry I am so far and can't be of any help! Love you all!


hazeldoodle said...

Mom called and gave me an update. I'm so sorry you feel so sick! I've been thinking of you and praying for you when awake and even while asleep in my dreams-which is kinda strange. I'm glad to hear that Gabriella and Lilianna are doing well. How about Gabriella Dawn? That name came up today and I thought it was pretty. Mom said that you will miss me on Facebook for the next 4 weeks. I'll make an effort to stay in touch with you in other ways for sure. We will just have to continue our Lexelous game after Easter, ok?
Love you bunches and bunches!!!