Thursday, February 04, 2010

Photos, because I'm tired but I promised

Behold! Pics of the new furniture, taken as soon as we got home, so in a very messy house. Ignore that part. Okay?

The new dining set. There is a leaf we can add too. We have these 4 chairs and a bench that can go along one full side when the leaf is in. The bench is in the living room for now.
The new dining set- in a messy dining room

Ta da! The new sofa and the bench from the dining set which is serving pretty well as a coffee table for now actually.
the new sofa, and the long bench for the dining set when a leaf is in

Daddy and Nicky posing on the sofa. Now with extra boogers looks like.
Nicky and Daddy on the new sofa

Apparently Nicky wants to be a photographer too, so he took our photo. This is me after a full day of working, 20 weeks pg with twins, anemic and exhausted. I have looked better I'm sure.
Nicky taking our pic on the new sofa

Nicky of course looks fabulous even after a full day playing at school. Ah youth!
Nicky- closeup