Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2009,Nicky

Nicky and I carved his and the babies' jack-o-lanterns this evening. He designed them both, but he had picked out which was his and which was the babies' days ago. Here he's posing with his masterpieces and wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

Nicky and I are traveling down to see Nana on Saturday. She's making his costume again this year. Last year he was a pirate, and this year he's going to be a lion. He chose lion a while ago, but one day when I asked him what he wanted to be, he said "A lion. No. I don't want to be a lion, I want to be a PRINCESS!" I admit we were happy he forgot about that. I'd have let him be a princess if he really wanted, but back when we thought he'd be at school dressed up, we didn't think the catholic school would be able to handle that.

Speaking of the catholic school though, we actually withdrew Nicky a week ago. His whole nap time fiasco was starting to bleed over to the rest of his day, and finally it just got ridiculous. He was sent to the office one day for kicking the wall during naptime. Then the next day, he told the teacher he was ready to go to the office. Heck if someone tried to make me lie quiet and still for 1.5 hours when I wasn't tired I'd probably rather go hang out in the office too. The teacher wanted Tom's permission to call him to come get Nicky whenever he wanted to leave. I mean, what's the point of keeping him in school at that point?

It just became very apparent that the teacher and school were not interested in making any kind of accommodations for him. No book or toy to play with quietly on his mat, no going to another classroom during naptime, or anything. We got tired of their trying to pound our square peg into their round hole of a school. So we took him out. And you know what? He's happier. We're happier. And now that we also know we're having twins, we're kind of looking forward to getting that tuition money back. We have a lot of preparing to do!

On Monday when they were taking me to work, we passed by the catholic school. Nicky said from the backseat, "That's my old school. I don't go there anymore. I used to cry there." Which just broke my heart. I told him I was so sorry he was unhappy there. I'd thought it would be a really good school for him. But he didn't have to go back any more. We'd find a better school for him later. I think we might keep him home till Spring semester. Tom's interning 18 hours a week in the Spring, so Nicky will have to be in for some days. But we'll probably see about either O2B Kids again or an at home daycare environment. We'll see what comes up. And we'll try preschool again (probably somewhere else) in the fall. He'll be 4, and maybe more ready. Especially if we find a better fit for him.


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! Nicky's home, relaxed and helping his Mommy and Daddy prepare for the twins.:) Wow! those jack-o-lanterns looked great, Nicky, great job Sweetie!!!
xxxoooMom/GRAMMIE :)

jodifur said...

What is up with preschools? It's like they don't know how to deal with children.