Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Patience isn't my strong suit

Well my first appointment won't be until 10/27, two whole weeks! I hope they pass quickly. The bad news is that this is just the history appointment with the nurse, I won't actually see my OB. The good news is that I'll get an ultrasound though! They'll be checking for a few things, but one of them is whether there is one baby or two. I'm a whole lot more interested in that right now than I am in whether it's a boy or a girl.

Tom's already declared that we'll be finding out the sex. He has no patience. Poor guy. Lots of folks have already been speculating that this is a girl. I'm not sure either way. Naming will be easier for a girl since we still love the name we'd picked for a girl last time. But just to be safe we should be thinking of boys names too.

I spoke with the nurse on the phone today and found out that they have no intentions of doing the beta tests. Not sure why. She made it sound like they don't do them anymore, and since I know the first day of this cycle (September 11th- which is a little freaky now that I'm typing it) and have gotten positives on several home pregnancy tests they're content to wait till my first appointment. Seems a little weird, but whatever.

Just for giggles I took another hpt yesterday. I'm saving up the last one to take later. I just love seeing that second line. Plus it might help tide me over till that first ultrasound.

I know I know. The waiting has only just begun! I added a ticker up there in the blog header so that on any given day we can see how many days we have left to go. Right now it seems forever.


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