Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tuesday is Ultrasound Day

Not much longer will we have to wait to find out if there are one or two babies in there. Last week was rough. The exhaustion was my main symptom, and I had a big paper due Friday, and then another assignment due Saturday. But now those are all finished and all I'm waiting for is the ultrasound Tuesday.

Saturday we went out for brunch with Nana and Nicky's Uncle Mike. He's actually Tom's mom's mother's sister's daughter's son. So I'm not exactly sure what that makes him technically. But Uncle Mike is a great guy and we had fun meeting up with him a bit over the weekend.

Anyway, so we went out for brunch at Perkin's and my stomach actually told me to get the buffalo chicken wrap thing, which was new because I've been totally turned off of chicken or pork or really anything but beef lately. So I got the chicken, and it was great. Right up till we were almost ready to leave and out of nowhere the nausea hit.

We tried going shopping for Nicky's Halloween costume afterward, but I was just so nauseated we had to head home. It took hours for it to finally subside, and then it came back that evening. Then again this morning when I first woke up it was really bad. I thought for sure I was going to lose it. But not yet. Today I've just been pretty drained, but no more nausea after this morning's bout.

So one more symptom is here. Nausea. Much better than puking though. With Nicky I had a lot of nausea, but I don't think I actually threw up until I was around 8 months pregnant. And then it was only 2-3 times I think. This nausea is more like motion sickness than the stomach flu or food poisoning kind. (And it can't hold a candle to the nausea I had with that stomach flu that had us in the hospital last fall.) So I'll be grateful for that.

This past week I did go ahead and take the last pregnancy test. Just for giggles. I did the same thing for Nicky's pregnancy. That time I was at 50 days pregnant. This time I was at 40 days. And this time the line was MUCH darker than last time. That may or may not indicate twins, but it was interesting! And it has us anxious to see how many are in there Tuesday!

We've already been thinking about names. Right now the front runners are:

Lilianna Elizabeth (was originally Lily, but this would give her more options for choosing a nickname. Not 100% sure of the spelling yet though.)
Rhiannon something (as our second girl name if girl twins)

Alexander Thomas
Benjamin (Yes I know it's one of the dog's names, but we REALLY like it. Is that bad?)
We still like Christoper, but I think we've ruled out Zachary.