Monday, October 19, 2009

A Reunion, Thanks to the Power of Facebook

Liz and I found several old friends from my senior year(her sophomore/junior years) of high school on Facebook this summer on Facebook. Liz set up a little reunion party at her house this past weekend, and we all met for the first time in 15 years or so. It was so much fun to reminisce and catch up. While we've all been busy living and have changed, in many ways we haven't changed at all.

We're hoping to get together again soon (not in another 15 years!) and this time we'll bring our kids. During this visit, Jackie and Alan left their 18 month old with his grandparents and I left Nicky with his Grammie. Nicky had a blast with Grammie, and I'm sure he wore her slap out, but she loved it.

I wish I'd thought to take photos of us all while we had the chance. I'll do it next time! Now I have to find some of the photos I have of our old group and scan them in. Until I have new photos, here's an image of our group back in 1991. That's Jackie, Alan and Bucky in the back (Bucky wasn't able to make this reunion), and me and Jason in the front. I'm thinking it was Liz behind the camera in this one.