Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nicky and Colin

Colin and his parents came to visit this weekend. We spent the first half of the day cleaning house, because of course we're sure that somehow this will give the impression that we've got things all together and under control (or at least that we don't usually have mounds of clean clothes piled in our bedrooms). Funny because Gayle and Thad have known us for over 10 years and they pretty much know and love us as the slobs we are.

But we cleaned anyway. Hmm, actually I should have taken a photo so that I could give everyone in the internet the impression that I'm all organized all the time. Darn.

Well even though I gave them crappy directions and sent them 34 miles out of the way, they finally made it here right at the end of Nicky's nap. It only took a few minutes for Nicky to warm up to Colin and then they were running around non-stop for the rest of the day. Colin is 4 and Nicky is 1 so it is a big age difference, but they both seemed to have a lot of fun.

They even sat together at the "kids table" for dinner. Which impressed the heck out of Tom and I since usually we still strap Nicky into a highchair for meals.

Then they took a bath together. Splish Splash!

Then they ran around in their jammies for a while. They got to go to bed a little late since the time changes tonight (that's our attempt to get them to sleep a little later too). And now they're both in bed. Well, not together, cause OMG no sleep would happen then! But Nicky is in his crib and Colin is in the other room. And it's just now nearing 11. Nice!

Of course now you'd expect all us grown ups to sit around and play a game and chat till 2am. But I'm writing my daily blog entry and yawning, Tom's watching some special on The Who, and Gayle and Thad are falling asleep with Colin.

We are officially lame.


colinsmom said...

and a good time was had by all....

and for the record- I was still up at 2 am- I COULD ahave played that game...

Angela said...

Yeah, you could have, and I'd have totally beaten you! :) Next time we're playing no matter what!