Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Does anyone remember this?

Remember The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I admit I only went to a theater to see a live show twice. But we just rented the DVD for The Rocky Horror Picture Show from the library and watched it along with this script and it brought back memories.

I know there are others out there that remember this...but are they willing to admit it?


colinsmom said...

I will admit it! We used to go all the time to the midnight showing- hot dogs and toilet paper in hand! And toast! Can't forget the toast. I will say though, that we watched it a few years ago and it just wasnt the same outside of theater.

Anonymous said...

I agree, It could never be the same outside of the theater! Thanks for bringing up all those memories Angie, I needed material for my upcoming reconciliation/!
anonymous <><

Angela said...

LOL! I knew there were others out there! Our theater in Gainesville only hosted Rocky Horror once. I remember they were dreading the cleanup. What a mess!