Friday, November 02, 2007

Getting Dirty

Today Tom and Nicky took me to the Rheumatologist. I'm trying to figure out what causes all the pains I get off and on in my limbs and joints. I've had it for years and it comes and goes seemingly at random. The good news is I don't have the markers for arthritis or lupus, but the bad news is they don't have a clue what's causing it. My levels on one of the blood tests was high- the one that measures inflammatory response was a little elevated. But doesn't give us much info. So now I have a standing order for the lab to go get repeat blood work the next time I have a flare up of the pain. At least the doctor didn't say it was just all in my head.

After that we went to lunch and Tom got Nicky fruit punch to drink. It was so funny! He was belted into a highchair, but was bopping around like mad after a while. I think sugar really affects him no matter what the research says. He was awfully cute though.

Then Tom dropped me off at a clothing store while he and Nicky picked up dog food. I had a gift certificate and was finally going to buy some clothes for myself! I found two tank tops and a pair of pants. I think these are the first clothes I've bought since maternity clothes! Fun stuff.

Then we headed home while Nicky crashed, poor kid was so tired! And Tom mowed the lawn. After Nicky's nap when Tom was finished we ran around in the backyard.

Nicky had lots of fun playing in the dirt (which was much preferred over the piece of dried up doggy-doo he first picked up). Sampson even helped him dig in the dirt. I caught a little movie which is a lot easier than taking a photo on this camera. Enjoy!


Jann said...

He is so cute!!!!!!!! Bet he had a blast in the dirt. Here, of course, it is snowing. LOL