Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Big Night Out

Well darn. I missed posting yesterday. We had a houseful of company with Nicky's Aunt Jessie here till Sunday afternoon and Nana here till Sunday morning and with all the visiting going on I didn't get around to sitting at the computer at all. Bummer.

Well we had a very nice visit with Aunt Jessie. Nicky now says "Aunt" although admittedly it sounds more like "Ent" at this point. He started saying it about 2 minutes before Jessie got here actually. Aunt Jessie stayed in Nicky's room and while he did wake her up most mornings around 7am with "Ent, Ent, Ent" we usually were able to take him out of there in a little while so he and Tom could drive me to work. So she did get a little sleeping in on her vacation.

I'll have to take a look at the few photos I did try to take. I'm not sure any of them came out right.

But JM took a bunch of photos of Nicky when Tom and Nicky went over there during the week. Tom helped his dad build a feeding pen and JM and Nicky ran around outside with the camera. The photos are beautiful and I'll have my work cut out for me picking out which ones to upload. Hopefully I'll get a chance to do that tomorrow.

Because LUCKY ME I have tomorrow off for Veteran's day! Apparently not everyone gets Monday off, but we do at UF, so I'm hoping for some rest and then to get into the den to try to organize it. It's a wreck! The whole place has become the dumping ground for all things we don't want Nicky to have access to, and so it's pretty much a giant junk drawer. The challenge will be to get it done while Nicky isn't in there with me. Not an easy thing to do since he's down to one good nap a day when we're lucky (and sometimes NO nap or only a 10-30 minute catnap).

Nana came to visit on Friday and we left Nicky with Nana and Aunt Jessie for the evening so that Tom and I could go out on a "date." It was very nice and relaxing. We don't yet feel the desperate need to get away for adult time yet, but it was fun to go to our favorite restaurant where we can't take Nicky. We went to the Melting Pot and had a lovely (and incredibly expensive- for us) dinner. I can just imagine trying to take Nicky there! There couldn't possibly be a place for highchairs since the controller for the burner is in the only spot you could put one. And there's a freaking stovetop on the table for goodness sake! I'm thinking Nicky'll have to be around 12 before we could take him here. And even then it would most likely be a waste for a kid. Maybe we'll introduce fondue at home first when he's around 8 or so. I do think it's fun. (Just really expensive at the restaurant for a kid.)

After a lovely dinner (we skipped getting a dessert because we were so freaking stuffed) we realized we had to go pay a bill and didn't have an envelope. So we headed home to get the envelope and take a potty break. It was just exactly Nicky's bedtime so we brushed his teeth and put him to bed before heading back out to continue our date.

We talked about where to go. We were too stuffed for dessert or coffee, too tired to do a movie, I'm too sensitive to smoke for a club (and Tom won't dance anyway), and we didn't have plans for a show or performance. It was too late for the museums and most stores, and there were extenuating circumstances that even put parking out of the question. So darn.

We ended up at Publix. Yep. For our BIG NIGHT OUT we went to dinner and the grocery store. Lovely. We picked up some candy, greeting cards and playing cards (so we could play canasta with Jessie). On the way home we dropped off payment for a bill. We're so romantic.

But it was fun anyway. And probably the most fun was having Nicky go out to dinner with Nana and Aunt Jessie (they went to Chili's) and hearing how GOOD he was, and how BEAUTIFUL, and how he was such an ANGEL. I never get tired of hearing people compliment him. (Heck I ordered pizza for dinner tonight and tipped the driver extra because she was mooning over how cute Nicky was.)

Today after Nana and Aunt Jessie headed home (not together of course, but off to their respective homes) Tom's Dad and JM came over for lunch. We all looked at the awesome photos JM took and watched Nicky play on his trike. Right now the most fun thing seems to be to push the trike up to the counter and then try to stand on the seat though. Not the safest way to use it.

After they went home, Nicky, Tom and I all went down for a nap. What could be better than a nice nap on a beautiful Sunday afternoon after a week of company? Company is fun of course- I'm an extrovert remember? I LOVE company! But when everyone does go home, the quiet they leave behind is so peaceful don't you think?