Monday, August 06, 2007

Surprise Surprise

I'm sure everyone who knows me is just shocked to hear I have bronchitis. NOT. I get this every single time it seems. Tom and Nicky are both getting better from the cold, but of course mine has taken up permanent residency in my lungs. I finally called the doctor and got an appointment for this afternoon. Yep, acute bronchitis. He gave me a script for a cough suppressant with sudafed and codeine in it. Yum. Why oh why are all cough meds in liquid form? Could someone PLEASE invent a PILL?! Well at least I think it's working. I just took my second dose and now hopefully will be able to fall asleep for longer than an hour.

Poor Nicky looks like he's been punched in the eye. I still haven't gotten a picture of it yet. Poor kid. I'm sure the folks at the doctor's office were wondering how it happened. I didn't make eye contact with anyone though, just in case they were glaring at me. He was very good at the doctor's office and said "Hi" over and over to everyone. He was very interested in the blood pressure cuff and watching the doctor listen to mommy's lungs with the stethoscope. While we waited for the pharmacy to fill the script we ate dinner at Sonny's. Nicky had so much fun smiling at everyone and saying "Hi" some more. It's funny because he'll just do it over and over again. Hopefully he'll add a few more words to his repertoire soon. Maybe he'll start saying "Hi, how you doing?" (Just like Joey on "Friends" of course.)

Well, that's about all the updates I have for you. Oh, did I tell you that Tom and his mom did a LOT of work on the kitchen? They finished stripping the upper cabinets, painted them, put on new hardware, installed one new base cabinet and replaced the countertop. All this is on the stove side of the kitchen. We still have to replace the rest of the base cabinets on that side, but it looks SOOOO nice! My cabinets have DOORS! It's awesome. Oh, AND Tom got the electricity fixed in the wall, installed a new outlet by the stove and installed the range hood and task lighting. He's awesome.

Next will be the sink side of the kitchen. That's probably going to have to wait till the next tax refund though since we have to replace the sink cabinet and probably move the plumbing around. Donna is giving us her old dishwasher if Tom can get it working and we'll have to figure out how to fit it in there. Can you imagine? A dishwasher! (I mean, other than the two-legged kind.)

If I had a working camera I'd show you a picture of the new 1/2 kitchen. But I still don't have one! That might be waiting for tax refund time too. Or maybe Christmas. Santa might be good to us this year.

Ok, I've gone a whole 3 minutes without coughing. Maybe I can actually sleep tonight! In a bed! Lying down! One can hope...