Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now we're cooking with gas!

Today my Mom and sister Liz came to visit for the weekend. And guess what! They gave Tom a router for his graduation gift! AND Tom got it hooked up, AND he's on the desktop playing Everquest2 (as usual) AND I'm on the laptop on the internet too! (Ok, that's the exciting part folks, so be amazed.)

So now we can both be on the internet at the same time. I'm very excited! Soon we'll hook up the other desktop and be able to play Everquest2 together after Nicky goes to sleep in the evenings. (We don't get out much and it's our fun thing to do.)

Tomorrow we're going to move around the living room and den. I want to put both computers, the TV, the wood-frame sofa, the coffee table and the baker's rack in the den where it can be gated off. Then I'll have the rocker-recliner, the reclining loveseat and Nicky's Toys in the living room.

I think it will work out really nicely. And it will be safer to limit Nicky's time around all the stuff we'll have in the den. He's too close to being able to climb on top of the TV, pull off the heavy CD rack from the wall and play with (break) the blinds in the windows. And really, he hates being in there now. He's spent so much time in there it's boring for him. He likes the living room where he can run down the hall and play with the dogs through the baby gate in front of the kitchen.

Hopefully it will all get done tomorrow. Because the next project after that will be to swap the bedrooms around! YAY! That will probably be a while though. Maybe after I finish refinishing Nicky's bedroom furniture.

Well, I'm off to read blogs until Tom and I go off to sleep. I can't believe we're both on the net at the same time. It's AWESOME!


Oh, The Joys said...

Woo hoo! Double internet action!

Anonymous said...

Really had a wonderful weekend with you sweet ones!!!

Thanks so much for giving me wonderful birthday memories this year!!!

I have an awesome "Brag book" to show off ------thanks so very much, dear ones ----its the best ever birthday gift for me!!! :)

Love you all bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)

Angela said...

Mom- We had a wonderful visit with you too! Glad you got home alright. That's such a long trip!

OTJ- Tom and I got our computers set up last night in the den and actually played EQ2 together! For about 5 minutes. We were too exhausted to really enjoy it. But tonight! We're playing right after Nicky goes to bed!

moosh in indy. said...

You play video games with your husband? I used to, until he stayed up all hours of the night to get really good so he could beat me.

Angela said...

LOL! Lucky for me our games are usually set up to be cooperative instead of competitive. Otherwise Tom gets mad at losing and won't play with me anymore.