Saturday, August 04, 2007

The House of Plague

Well, Tom came down with the cold on Friday. I called my mom and told her and we agreed it's probably a good idea to put off their visit. So Tom, Nicky and I are all miserable together. Tom and I have been taking turns on Nicky-duty so we could alternate on our naps. I actually did get about 4 hours of sleep this morning finally and then another 2-3 hours throughout the day. So far it's still just a head cold for Tom and Nicky and I sincerely hope it stays that way. For me it's all in my lungs and even the new albuterol inhaler Tom picked up from the pharmacy for me isn't helping much. I hate being sick! GRRR!

Oh, and to top it all off, We had Nicky in our room playing on the bed while Tom was napping and I was taking meds. Nicky tried to crawl over onto my nightstand to reach something, but his hand missed the nightstand and he landed right on his face on the corner of it. OW! He's got a nice big purple bruise on his poor cheekbone. I wanted to call the pediatrician on call, but Tom insisted Nicky was fine. He was happy, playing and eating so I guess he's alright, but he would not let me put any ice on his cheek. At least I was right there when it happened. If I'd been farther away I'd feel guilty, but as it is I was right there and he still managed to hurt himself. I guess you can't protect them from everything. I still don't have the camera, but I do have the cellphone camera and so I'll try to get a pic of his poor cheek tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Our love and healing thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Know the baby's fall must have been hard situation for you and Tom---especially since you all are not feeling up to snuff yet. Please kiss Nicky for us!

Bunches and Bunches of Love!!!