Thursday, November 30, 2006

Old photos

I moved a bunch of old photos from my old geocities website over to the photobucket account. It's just easier to have everything in one place. I put them all into the "other photos" section with no rhyme or reason. Maybe I'll get around to adding captions, but till then it will be a true "other" file of stuff. The one above is of me and my sister Elizabeth with Santa at the North Pole. My it was warm at the North Pole that day!

We're still waiting for Nicky's teeth to start coming in. He's teething like crazy so it seems like they'll be here anytime but still no sign of toothbuds in there. But that's not stopping him from eating fingerfoods when we let him! He's had soft bits of bread, the gerber fruit puffs, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, orange bits and banana. We might try some overcooked pasta soon. I'm afraid to give him anything that really requires more chewing than mashing like beans or peas yet. But I'm sure he'll have those too before the year is out.

Thought I'd put in a plug for JM's website. It's at: and if you go to the 'custom artwork' page you'll see a cute painting of Nicky from Thanksgiving. You also might recognize a few of the pet portraits on there. ;)