Friday, November 03, 2006

Tom is awesome

Of course you probably already knew that, but this time he's really awesome! Tuesday when I got home I had to take a COLD shower because there was no hot water pressure. Cold was fine though. (Lucky me)

So Tom tried Wednesday to flush out the pipes in case it was blocked or full of sediment. No luck. We ended up going to Lowe's to buy a new waterheater. We went ahead and got the 40 gallon instead of 30 gallon (so it was taller than the old one). Now the waterheater was 209.00. Installation was 199.00 and delivery was another 59.00. AND even though their website says same or next day installation, the guy that "helped" us said there was no way it would be that soon. (I say "helped" because he walked off to get us someone to help us get the heavy thing and never returned. I watched him helping others and talking to other employees for about 30 minutes before Tom came with his own dolly and got it by himself.)

So we decided to take it home ourselves and Tom would try to install it himself. A perfect stranger helped Tom heave it up into the SUV while I held Nicky. And then Tom was able to use his Dad's dolly (which we had borrowed for the move) to get the waterheater into the house. Then he figured out the sizes and types of pipes he'd need and headed back to Lowe's. And guess what...

We have hot water!

He totally installed a new water heater all by himself! AND it fixed the problem too! He just saved us 200 bucks! YAY! AND I took a HOT shower too! I'm pretty excited about the whole thing if you couldn't tell. :) Now if the rest of the house and appliances will just stay working for a while so I can pay off the Lowe's card...

Other fun stuff:
Nicky learned to use a sippy cup Wednesday too! He'd been only chewing on the cup spout and wouldn't suck on it. So his brilliant mommy (that's me!) put some pears on the spout and when he was slurping the pears off he figured out that water came out too! He loved it! I was able to go grab the camera and tape some of it too. Check Nicky's movies link to the right.

The other thing Nicky's learning is that he can pull up to standing on the sofa or on mommy's legs. So while I'm sitting on the sofa with my legs out he walks between my legs up to the sofa, turns around and walks back to my feet, etc. That's all he wants to do lately too- pull up to stand and try to walk. None of this crawling business, although he is pretty much scooting around so much you can pretty much call it crawling. I didn't get movies of the walking thing, but I snapped a few pictures in sequence.

I think that's about it. Nicky's Nana is coming to visit this weekend and hopefully I'll get a LOT of organizing and unpacking done. You can see exactly what a mess the house is on the tour video I took yesterday. I'll have to do another one when the house is clean!