Monday, November 13, 2006

The plumber is coming! The plumber is coming!

Well, the water heater IS working, so at least we have hot water. Unfortunately the bathtub drain is NOT working, and so we can't actually use the tub or shower. It's been a long few days of spit baths and washing my hair in the kitchen sink. You know, I remember that was a big fun thing when I was a kid. It's not really all that fun anymore. And I figure in order for us to be able to lure anyone to come for Thanksgiving I'd better have a shower available for them. So Tom's called the plumber to come fix the drain and hopefully we'll have a working tub this week. Now if everything else can just STAY fixed and working for a while! Sheesh!

Now Abbey's been in some kind of hip/back pain over the long weekend that has her screaming sometimes and fine sometimes. We can't afford to take her to the vet. She's had this before (not quite so acute though) and we took her to the emergency vet (because of COURSE it was a weekend evening) for 250$ to be told it wasn't anything they could find, and then the regular vet the next day to be told they couldn't find anything either. *sigh* She's in obvious pain and it seems to be her hips or her back near her hips. She absolutely screams sometimes when we have to get her up and walking. But then after moving around a bit outside she starts running around like there is nothing wrong. It's very frustrating. We actually took her with us to see Tom's mom this weekend so that we could keep an eye on her. It seems to be worse when she's on slippery floors, like linoleum or parkay and somewhat better on carpet, so we've got her in the carpeted section of the house now, while Benjamin and Sampson are in the kitchen/dining area. We'll just have to see how it goes.

So anyway, if bad things come in threes then we're due for some good luck. Between the water heater, the drain, and Abbey's pain that should be 3 and now everything should go smoothly for a while. Right?

Anyway, for the fun stuff see the photos and movies links. We went to visit Nana and then stopped by for a little visit with Gayle's crew. Nicky and Colin had a cute time together. And Nicky really took to Jerry! You'll just have to see the pics. I also put up two new movies. One of Nicky being quite vocal at Nana's house and one of him having a little fit in his crib. You can tell he's trying to test me and fake crying. He can't help but laugh at the raspberries I blew at him. He did finally take a nap after fussing a bit. But man, that night he had a full blown tantrum when it was bedtime. Tom and I managed to organize the closet in our bedroom during that one. :)

So who's coming for Thanksgiving?? I'm counting on the following folks:
Mom, Liz, Jodi (I hope!)
Dad & Gwen (and maybe Jessie?)
Dad & JM
Maryellen & Scot
Me, Tom & Nicky

Can anyone else make it?? Tom's got QUITE the menu worked up and Nana is coming on Monday night to help him with all the cooking and stuff. I'm making a green bean thingy and watching the baby. :) I get all the good jobs.
Email us to let us know if you can come!