Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Christmas tree is UP

And it looks great! Needs more ornaments though. Right now we only have Tom's mom's ornaments on it. Tom hasn't found our Christmas stuff in the storage unit yet. But hopefully they'll turn up before too long. I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas! We used to really decorate the place up years ago, but we haven't done any decorating since 1999. That was our first Christmas with dogs, and it was just too hard with the pups. Cats just knocked over the tree and played with the ornaments till they went under the sofa. Dogs eat the tree and the ornaments and then puke them all over the place. But now the pups are locked away in the kitchen/dining area and we just got another gate to keep Nicky safely in the den (because he's mastered the two steps up to the living room!) and we're safe to decorate! YAY!

I think I posted before that I left the battery charger for the camera at my Mom's place. They'll be mailing it to me soon, but till then I've been using Tom's cellphone to take some pics. I have a few from last night up now. They are of him and the tree and at dinner. He's just starting to wave hi and bye occasionally. It's so cute! I promise to get up photos of the tree and Nicky as soon as I get the charger. AND I'll make a new tour video so you can see what the place looks like now.

Hope Everyone is planning to come to visit on Christmas Day! We're having it here at our house!