Saturday, December 02, 2006

A few new photos

My mom sent the camera charger to me in the mail! YAY! Thanks Mom!

So I've already taken a picture of the tree. It's in the new December folder along with a picture of Nicky right before bedtime.

While I was at it, Tom's mom brought her camera for me to see what pictures she had and I found some I hadn't seen before. I added a few to July and November that you'll just have to see.

Next plans are to do a new and improved "tour" of the house and to get some holiday pictures in front of the tree. I'm trying like mad to get some photo cards to send out this year. I just need the photos!


Anonymous said...

I just love this picture of Nicky with the backward baseball cap-------so adorable!
Liz and I are getting ready to decorate and we found some wonderful ornaments ---the ones that Aunt Sarah made for you and your sisters each year--remember? Jessie has had hers for sometime now and Liz too---but I have kept yours safe for when you might want them too. You, Tom and Nicky will enjoy having them now for sure. Yours are in excellent condition ---especially considering all the traveling around they have endured.:o
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooGrandmomma :)