Sunday, January 08, 2012

No minivan yet, but found photos are nearly as good!

No new car today, but there are a few now they're looking at. The Dodge Journey, the Ford Flex and the Honda Odyssey (but it's hard to find those in the price range, year and mileage we want right now).

In the meantime, I was looking on a flash drive I had in my purse and found a bunch of photos JM took while here right before Halloween of the girls in their little witch hats. So cute! I added a bunch to October for you. Enjoy!

We made good progress on Nicky's room today. His room, moving our stuff and the computer stuff upstairs, and taking down the tree are the goals for the week to finish before my mom's arrival Friday. I'm really looking forward to their visit! Liz has seen the house, but Mom and Jessie haven't been here yet, and it's been about 6 months since they saw the kids! They're going to have so much fun with them!


Elizabeth said...

I am so excited to come back and see you all! Thanks for posting so many pictures and movies, I love looking at them. I'm glad that your New Year's resolution is to continue blogging regularly too:)

Aunt Liz