Thursday, January 12, 2012

New furniture now!

So new car yesterday, new kitchen table today! We finally have a real, round table that fits in the kitchen. Waiting for two more chairs, which Tom will pick up tomorrow, but we have a table and chairs in the kitchen and then also have chairs up in the computer room too. This is good because I think Tom was getting tired of carrying dining room chairs up and down the stairs when needed.

I'll have to get a photo of the new dining area up soon.

Next is a new desk for the computer room! Coming probably this weekend. And then we'll actually be able to use the folding table that was originally for Nicky's desk, for him to either do homework or have his computer on it. Not sure yet how we'll make it work. We have to rearrange things in the computer room to account for the large dining table, Nicky's folding table (maybe), the large computer desk that is coming, and the treadmill. It will all fit, but I think Tom would appreciate me having a plan so that he doesn't have to move the furniture around later.

Where is all this new furniture coming from? Our office is renovating! And unlike working at the state university, here they can actually sell, toss or give away surplus furniture. Sweet! I'm really enjoying this whole working-for-a-private-company thing. :)