Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey, that email thing works!

So I wrote that email to Nicky's teacher last night, and lo! Today I find in Nicky's folder:

A green dot day
A daily behavior sheet
A weekly progress report for last week


The behavior sheet might change later I would guess, but right now it breaks the day into 9 time periods. Today he received smiley faces and/or stickers in 5/9 of them. I am charting that as being 55% on task today. Now we're talking my language! I'm the one who charted approximately 19,000 TTC cycles and charted all my food/carb/medicines/blood sugar/asthma readings for all of the two pregnancies. I know data crunching.

So I've put together a weekly sticker chart we'll record on every day at home. I'm only putting stickers on our chart where he earned smiley faces/stickers in class. Then we'll tally them up each day and week and he will earn a nickel for each one. (So a max of $2.25 a week.) It was time to consider an allowance anyway. And later we can look at adding in daily chores to our home chart. But right now I'll finally be able to track his progress towards the 90% on task goal we have for him this year.

I'm very excited.

So I'll share my charts with you. Cause I'm just that geeky. I'm sure they'll morph as needed, but this is my current draft.

I feel hopeful that Nicky is going to be able to make good progress and we'll see it and be able to recognize it with him.

I love this boy.