Saturday, January 21, 2012

Blog-Silence Broken

Back to the blog!

This past week of silence brought to you by:

The Letter G

For Grammie's visit! My mom was here all week and so I spent my evenings chatting and enjoying her company instead of hanging out on the computer. It was a really nice visit. She had so much fun getting to really talk and exchange ideas with Nicholas, and of course watching and interacting with the girls too. She was pretty much the first person on the scene each morning as the girls awoke since she was sleeping downstairs where the kids rooms now are. Tom and I are upstairs now. So she really got to see the girls in all their jumpy-jumpy glory in the mornings! They are definitely happy morning babies!

From the weekend with Aunt Jessie, Aunt Liz and Grammie. Lily has the bottle (yeah, I know I know)

And the number 4

The office was under construction this week, and so to avoid the potential dust and noise, I worked four days of the week from home, only going into the office Friday. It was interesting to work full time from home. I've done it before for the odd on-call thing, or to finish up a project, but this was my first real full-time working from home and it was honestly not a whole lot of fun. Although it was nice to basically roll out of bed and over to the home office, that really just meant I went way too long without a shower and washing my hair. And it was really nice to finally get dressed and get OUT of the house Friday!

The office was completely done by Friday, so I totally missed all the construction. My desk was a little dusty, and they'd even had it covered in plastic, so I was happy I wasn't there during all that (dust is my biggest allergen and can kick off my asthma). But I don't forsee me wanting to turn into a telecommuter any time soon. It was too hard to ignore the noises of the kids from downstairs (and to hope no one could hear them when I was on the phone, even though the door was closed). And it was also too hard for me to STOP working at the end of the day. The first night I went back to it and worked for an extra three hours or so in the late evening. My perfectionist personality is much better suited to working in an office where I have to LEAVE.

But now I'm back to the office during the days and back to mommying in the evening, and then blogging in the late evening (while Tom plays his latest MMORPG). So never fear, a blow-by-blow descriptions of the following will be forthcoming:
- how Nicky's behavior plan is shaping up (his IEP meeting is Tuesday!!)
- how the upstairs den/downstairs den rearrangement project is going (new project conceived after midnight last night and already well underway)
- what my biweekly meal planning is starting to look like

I'm sure you'll be riveted. It's pretty compelling stuff I'm sure.

And today's photos of choice?

Nicky at our lunch date:

And the girls enjoying leftover spaghetti (I did not teach them this!)

Lily on the left


Anonymous said...

Miss you all! Grammie is safe and sound(speaking of sound I am so missing the peaceful frequencies I had up there) home tonight---but I really miss you all very much! Looking forward to our next visiting time, hopefully in April. Hugs and Kisses--and of course, love in bunches and bunches! xxxxxooooo Grammie :)