Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To scratch or not to scratch

Well I managed to get in to see the dermatologist this morning. And the verdict: a raging case of eczema exacerbated by pregnancy. Otherwise known as "you're pretty damn itchy!" And of course, scratching will make it worse, so don't do that.

So starting today I'm on 3 antihistamines: zyrtec, allegra and benadryl, a steroid cream that won't be in till tomorrow, and two kinds of lotion. One is Eucerin, which is just a normal kind of moisturizing lotion, and the other is Sarna which is my new best friend in a bottle. It goes on kind of cool and then the heat ramps up like you're on fire. And you're so busy being on fire that you're not itchy! Heavenly! It only seems to last about an hour, but I can put it on repeatedly. It's kind of like Icy-Hot if you've ever used that. It does smell funky from the menthol or whatever, but who cares! I am still using the oatmeal bath stuff, but in cool water instead of hot. Hopefully this itching will get under control soon.

Because it's driving me bonkers.


Anonymous said...

So happy you went to the skin doctor and it is something not so scary but I understand the agony(all to well!) xxoo:)