Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Furniture shopping as itch distraction

Well the itchiness hasn't stopped at all, but I do have an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow at 9am and I had bloodwork done this morning. Hopefully the bloodwork will be negative, because ICP is scary, and hopefully the dermatologist will have something that will help! This itching is driving me mad!

In the meantime we're getting ready for the babies slowly but surely. First we are getting rid of our sofa. I can't even sit on it as it's just too itchy. We found a great sofa at a great price! Here's a photo from the store:

And we also found a dining set we love. We had seen this same set, without a leaf, at the first store we were in. We loved it then, but since they didn't have the sofa we were looking for we left without it. But then it was right behind us when we found the sofa we wanted. And it has a leaf! We got the four chairs, but instead of buying two other chairs we got this bench that goes with it. When we're not using the bench we can put it in the living room.

I'm so excited to be getting a matching dining set with sturdy chairs that all match! It's been a long time since we had a matching set. I do still love the table we have, but it's pretty small and has no chairs left. It's actually the table my dad had as a kid, and we had it all through my childhood. We'll keep it, but use it as a craft table for now. My plan is to put it in the laundry room. Hopefully it will fit!

That's all we bought so far for furniture. We will be buying two cribs, but those will have to wait until we finish the den and move our master bedroom furniture in there. I tell you though, there was a super cool bed for Nicky at the first store we saw. It was a low bunk bed with a built in dresser, desk and trundle bed. Then behind the dresser drawers on both sides of the bed were little doors to a storage/play cubby area. Nicky loved it! It was solid wood and only $575 if I remember right. Tempting! But that comes pretty low on the priority list. Maybe in the next year or so. Let's see if I can find a similar one online to show you. Well, it was kind of like this one, except the desk just rolls out as a surface for writing on, and there are about 2-3 of the top drawers missing so that the bed is right about chest high for an adult, giving us easy access to Nicky when he's in bed. That means the little cubby door is about half the height of the one is the photo. And it was a lot cheaper. Oh, and had lighter wood. Pretty cool huh!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking dining set! The couch looks comfy and easy to keep clean---good choice for kids and animals for sure. Good job! I agree, though they have so many nice bunk bed sets for now ---trust me that art deco set is perfect for him and for guests too. Later on when he is older he will probably have other ideas of what he wants. Cribs are going to be important soon now.xxxooo:)

Anonymous said...

The art-deco set is the last thing he needs right now. It is a dated look. The bed rails barely stay in and the other parts of the set are dangerous and unstable.

The other thing is they are no fun. The bunk-bed had the drawers built in, a trundle-bed, a desk, and the coolest hiding/storage area. He couldn't get enough of it in the store.

Oh, and I don't like the art-deco stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tom is that you? Are you saying that dated old funky looking art deco set has seen better days? Perhaps you are right---:D xxoo:)

Angela said...

Yes, this is my husband baiting my mother. Luckily my mom has a good sense of humor. *sigh*