Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the winner is....


We just had our level 2 ultrasound today and the verdict is that we're having two girls. Nicky sounded excited and he said he will be their "protector" because "the bears will want to bite them." Good to know they'll be safe from the bears!

So of course we revisited our name choices. We were kind of sad not to be using Gabriel, so Tom suggested Gabriella. I love that name, so we're set on Lilianna Elizabeth and Gabriella....? Not sure yet on Gabriella's middle name. Playing around with Marie (except it's really short, and I would like a longer one) and Rhiannon, which I actually like a lot as the middle name, but now Tom's not sure. We have some time to figure it out.

When we got home the weather was finally nice today. Nicky went outside to play and we had the doors open to let in the air. And out of nowhere we had 3-4 ladybugs come in the house today. I consulted Nicky, and we agree that ladybugs will have to be a part of the theme for the girls' room. Maybe a cute bugs and flower garden kind of motif.

The fun can officially start now that we have a better idea of who is coming in the spring!

I'll have movie clips and scanned ultrasound photos up soon. Hopefully this weekend!


Anonymous said...

So thrilled for all of us! Love you all bunches and bunches!!! xxxxxooooo Mom/Grammie :)

Anonymous said...

I read that Rhiannon is the Welsh Godess of the moon-how pagan!

For middle names for Gabriella I like:

Gabriella Teagan(means poet)
Gabriella Tasmin
Gabriella Ashley
Gabriella Jaiden
Gabriella Esme
Gabriella Kaylee
Gabriella Nicole
Gabriella Cadence
Gabriella Autumn
Gabriella Simone
Gabriella Sophie
Gabriella Noelle

It seems that the middle name needs to be two syllables to flow from the first to the last name. One is too short and 3 is too long.

just some ideas for you, I'm soooo excited I can't wait till they are born! You can call Lilianna Lily bug for short how cute! Have you thought about Liliana as an alternate spelling? Lilianna seems that it would be pronounced 'anna' like 'ann' but Liliana would be softer aaaa like in anise. Sounds more refined and less southern??