Sunday, January 17, 2010

18 weeks

The babies are getting bigger every day!

We're still working on a middle name for Gabriella. We really liked May, but found out that that combination is the name of a porn star. Darn it! So back to the drawing board. We have a few ideas, but are waiting to make sure before choosing.

We're ready to start working on finishing the den into our master bedroom. Then we'll look at furnishing the nursery. So much to do, and so little time!


Pregnant Lady said...

Hi Angela!! Thanks for posting a link to your blog on babycenter :=)

I've been taking pictures of myself too, but below my face and without too many clothes on. Now I realize the error of my ways, as now I can't show them to anyone! I'm at 20 weeks so I guess it's not too late to start!

All of your renovations are really coming along. You can totally swing a good home for 5 in 1200 sf. It's just a matter of placing things strategically. Americans are spoiled and some will tell you that you need thousands of square footage, but that's so not true. It sounds like you're working around it pretty well.

Glad to find you on here!!