Friday, January 22, 2010


It occurred to me tonight that my being 19 weeks pregnant means we're halfway through this pregnancy should I be able to carry the babies the full 38 weeks. Wow. No wonder I'm anxious to get things ready!

Tomorrow the POD people are coming. Wait, that isn't as bad as it sounds. These are the people bringing us a POD to store all the things that are in the den now so that we can get the den finished. They're bringing it tomorrow and we (read Tom) will fill it up.

Then Tom and our friend Greg will tackle finishing the den. I hope this doesn't turn into a massive fiasco. I hate construction work. I'm always afraid something will not workout and will end up costing a zillion dollars. But theoretically Greg will keep things on track.

In the meantime I'm just cranking along with work, homework and gestating. And itching! Have I mentioned the itching? Seriously, this is driving me crazy. I've just done the 3rd application of the steroid ointment I was prescribed. Hopefully it'll start helping. I'm taking 2 benadryl every 4 hours like clockwork except at night when I start taking 4 every 4 hours. I'm also on three other antihistamines. Surely something's got to start working!

I just took my first nightly dose of 4 benadryl, and now I'm going to shop online and work on my programming homework until sleep takes over. Night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good about the POD and getting the den finished as your master bedroom. I am sending powerful prayers up for your itchies to leave immediately --I believe! Liz and I are planning a trip up to see you all soon.xxxooo:)