Friday, May 15, 2009

Running in Place

So, tomorrow morning is the big day. I've been good on this WeightWatchers program all week. I'm expecting good results. I was hungry at times, but was able to make good choices and not go over my points. (It helps that I get 35 points a day!) I know I have already made a LOT of much better choices in foods this week than I normally would.

I do want to add in exercise still. I jumped on the treadmill once last week even, but Nicky wanted to walk with me and then he fell and his shirt got caught. I pulled the key off so that it would stop, but it did take a moment and he was scraped/rugburned on his upper arm. It didn't bleed or anything. But we put bactine on it anyway. I'm glad we did because it was a huge scab the next day, even though no blood. Weird. It's finally fallen off, but I haven't gotten back on the treadmill since. I think I'll have to do that after he's in bed from now on. That was just too much of a close call.

Monday I'll be starting to get in two 15 minute walks a day though, like it or not. Tom's gotten a full time OPS (no benefits) job at the libraries and starts Monday. This is great for him as he needs to get his foot in the door there and get experience to go with the masters degree he's working on. And he'll make enough to cover Nicky's daycare and maybe some gas money. But while I'm happy for him, I'm REALLY sad for me! I've thoroughly enjoyed having him at home to take care of all of us. The thought of now trying to pitch in to cover a fair 1/2 of the household duties is overwhelming to me right now. (I'm still hoping that I'll feel better about it after I get my sleep apnea under control though.)

So just to see how we will REALLY be allotting our time:

Starting Monday we'll be getting up at 6am (which is TWO hours earlier than normal) to get all three of us ready for the day and take care of the dogs. Then we'll drop Nicky off at school at about 7:15 and then drive to work. We'll park and walk for about 15 minutes to our buildings (right next door to each other) and work till lunch. I'm hoping we'll be able to lunch together most of the time. That'll be really nice. Then we get off work at 5pm and go for another 15 minute walk to the car. Pick up Nicky at 5:40 and head home.

We'll probably arrive home just about 6pm. Which is important, because on Mondays we both have class from 6-8pm and then Tuesdays I have class from 6-8 and Tom has class from 8-10pm.

So we'll try to have made and eaten dinner by 7:30, get Nicky in the tub and then to bed by 8pm. Then have a few hours to try to squeeze in homework each night.

WHERE exactly does the housework fit in? Weekends I suppose, although really those are days we like to spend with Nicky because we only see him for about 2 hours a day during the week. And honestly we still end up doing a ton of homework to get ready for classes on Monday and Tuesday.

Somehow writing all this down isn't making me feel any better. There really ISN'T enough time in the day.