Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rock bottom

Well if I thought our weekend was blown by Sunday, it was nothing compared to Monday.

Sunday night I dredged up the energy to write a post here and then do my homework up through Tuesday night. Good thing I did too! Because Monday morning I woke up early with really bad nausea. And then I got the full blown stomach flu. Fever, sore throat, stuffy nose, and the whole GI bit. Uphill, both ways. I spent all day in bed. I managed to hold down Gatorade by the afternoon and was eating chicken broth and half a banana by evening. I'm just glad I was able to avoid the hospital this time.

Today I'm weak and exhausted, but holding everything down and my fever might even be gone.

But now Tom's got it. So we're both at home resting today. I was able to drive Nicky to school this morning around 10:30 which allowed us to rest most of the day. I'll go pick him up around 4:30. Hopefully by then we'll be mostly coherent.

So my plan is to be able to go to work tomorrow. I'm not so optimistic about Tom though. We'll play that by ear.

Our next planned holiday is in just a few weeks. We're planning to take Nicky to Disney World. Hopefully we can avoid getting horrendously ill for that one! This is starting to be a pattern.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Angie! I am so sorry you have been so sick! My hopes and prayers are with you and Tom for a complete and quick recovery.
Love you all so much,
xxxoooMom/Grammie :)

Anonymous said...

Jodi was sick Sunday night and early Monday morning also, she didn't have a fever though-kind of like what Nicky had Thursday night.
I agree, you've been sick enough already. It's time to be well and enjoy your upcoming trip to disney world!
Love you bunches!
Aunt Liz

Angela said...

Thanks guys. I found out it actually can get worse though. Just as I got over the stomach bug I caught Tom's cold and now seem to have a raging case of laryngitis. It's aggravating my asthma too. Nice. Oh, and now, Thursday night Tom's nausea is back and Nicky's running a 101 fever. Super.

We'd better be well for Disney. We've already booked the trip!