Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another 3 day weekend bites the dust

You know, I'd really like to have a holiday weekend where we all actually felt good!

So we ended up staying home after all. Nicky was fine by Saturday morning, but I called my mom and we all agreed that it would be best to give Nicky a break and just have some quality time with him this weekend. Saturday we just took it easy and by dinner he was eating ok. Earlier he was drinking fine, but just not really hungry. He had a few graham crackers but that was it for lunch.

Sunday Nicky was fine, but a little stir crazy. We were going to all go shopping and let him play at the playground in the mall (it's been raining daily all week and he needed to get out and play). But as soon as we all showered and dressed I started feeling crappy. You know it's not a good sign when it hurts to wash your hair. Tom took my temp and sure enough I have a low grade fever. So I stayed in bed all day and Tom took Nicky out. They had a good time playing at the mall.

I dredged up the energy to go out to dinner. We met Tom's dad and JM at Applebees and Nicky did pretty well for a kid with no nap. We curbed his crawling under the table though. I think his days of doing that are over!

I did well at Applebees I think. I did a salad and tomato soup instead of the appetizer and then had a potato, steak and broccoli. Dinner had to be a little point heavy since all I'd eaten was breakfast. That's a good position to be in for dinner! But I was starving when we arrived, hence the salad and soup I had them bring right away.

Oh, and I did make it to a weight watchers meeting Saturday morning! I lost another 3.6 pounds. That's 9.6 in two weeks. Pretty good! I know it'll slow down to about a pound a week soon, but this immediate gratification at the start is awfully nice.

Well, I have a homework assignment to bang out. Then I'm headed to bed. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose and a fever. Ugh. I hope I feel better by Tuesday. At least Tom is finally starting to feel better. He's been sick for over a week.